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Now, I love Taco Bell the way any red-blooded American does:  as a food in its own category.  It’s not Mexican food; it’s not really… food… it’s kind of this delicious, ridiculous combination of real ingredients, dyes, and preservatives with a crack-like attraction for many people.

But Taco Bell and apparently all the major fast food chains know their audiences.  And Americans are missing out on such goodies as crunchy potato tacos at Taco Bell and chickpea burgers at KFC in India.  The trend around the world is to offer the basic staples and supplement them with localized hybrid meals that appeal to the cultural preferences of the consumers.  In other words, keeping it local.   Click here for the full article.

I might be able to pass on the Seaweed Shakers in Japan, but that pizza from Domino’s in India with lamb and onions on top might have to go on the “To Do… Eventually” list.

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