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In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, I am stealing the link off of a friend to this fun Texas Monthly recipe blog.  Thanks, Anna!

www.texasmonthly.com: Sweet Texas Heat. Photograph by Adam Voorhes

There is some debate as to how “authentic” Cinco de Mayo is.  Truth be known, it is much more celebrated in the US than in the homeland (much like St. Patty’s Day).  However, the Battle of Puebla was real, the victory over the French was real, and I don’t see a reason to boycott it just because Chicanos & Friends generally have a little more fun with it than folks actually residing in Mexico.  As a Chicana, I am happy to link over to this fun jalapeño-infused tequila drink recipe for today’s celebration!  There are also a number of Margarita recipes if you’re not feeling that frisky.  Click here to access the Texas Monthly recipe blog.

Viva La Raza!

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