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The Purpose of this Blog

I love food.  And most of my friends also love food.

I also love travel.  And I especially love travel and food together.  I’ve been to all 7 continents and lived on 4, and the crazy thing is, I have friends who have traveled much more than I have.  Not just for a week’s vacay in a hotel, but living there, learning, and… eating.  They also know a lot more about cooking certain foods than I do.

That’s why this isn’t a recipe blog.  It is a food philosophy discussion, that uses recipes from all over the world–including your own kitchen if you choose–to learn new methods and food combinations.  The recipes are simply opportunities to test out the methods.

Tamales. Kufta. Bao. Pappardelle. Gallo Pinto. Jamon ibérico. Milanesa. Cloudberry mousse.  The world has some great foods.

So with this blog I am hoping to share some of the cooking tips and methods I’ve learned and hope to get some discussions and feedback on them.  I love trying new things and breaking the rules of cooking, although I can’t afford cooking classes and I’m rarely in one spot long enough to commit myself to one anyways. This blog is dedicated to those who have no formal training but just love to eat and want to explore new ways to do it.  Obviously feedback from those folks who have already perfected their own methods is very welcome.

Note:  In the recipes I post I use as few strict measurements as possible–I give basic “gists” (a dollop of this, a handful of that, 5-6 of such and such depending on size, etc.).  The important thing is for you to try it out to see how you like it!  Methods over measurements!

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