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Avocado Mousse Tapas

Avocado mousse-stuffed smoked salmon rolls.  Seafood baked mac and cheese.  It seems that no matter how creative we try to be, someone has already thought of the same thing, or else something extremely similar.  But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still plenty of room (and need) for creativity.  In fact, the wide range of […]

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Ridiculously Simple Potatoes Au Gratin

I love cheesy potatoes au gratin, and I am especially a big fan of Betty Crocker boxed potatoes au gratin, having grown up on them. But I figured there had to be a way to make potatoes au gratin out of real, fresh potatoes and a block of cheese. I poked around on the internet […]

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Easy Breezy Lemon Pie

One of the easiest things I’ve ever made.  Can be made into a 9″ pie or 6 individual ramekin mini-pies. Skill Level:  EASY Preparation time:  About 10 minutes. Cooking time:  10-15 minutes to cook, plus about 20 minutes to cool to room temperature. Servings: 6-8. 4 eggs, separated and yolks beaten Juice of 2 lemons […]

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Before summer gets here for those of us above the equator, I wanted to get out one recipe I picked up while living in Armenia. Armenia is situated high atop the Armenian Plateau in the South Caucasus, with less than 15% arable land throughout the entire tiny country.  What few forests remain are quickly disappearing […]

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