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Baja-style Fish Tacos

My grandmother, who was from Baja California, used to cook for me all the time when I was very young. Unfortunately, I never learned her cooking secrets. So I’m on a mission to learn to make all of my favorite Mexican dishes, much like I did with Armenian meals. The one good thing about being […]

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Tomatoes and Avocados as sweets?  Yes, these “faux veggies” deserve a second look. Their versatility practically begs us to play around and find new ways to use them. Who’s to say there aren’t other potentially fantastic “double agents” just waiting to be discovered? Another of my favorite tapas from Mercado de la Reina (see Sobrasada […]

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Avocado Mousse Tapas

Avocado mousse-stuffed smoked salmon rolls.  Seafood baked mac and cheese.  It seems that no matter how creative we try to be, someone has already thought of the same thing, or else something extremely similar.  But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still plenty of room (and need) for creativity.  In fact, the wide range of […]

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